janow metalsmithing

When I began creating jewelry during my early years in high school, my first piece was a necklace of shark’s tooth, hand carved beads, and leather.

bark collection

The Bark Collection consists of tree bark in sterling silver combined with river stones and semi precious gemstones such
as Peridot, Garnet, Citrine, and Amethyst. .
Bark Tear Drop Earrings: Sterling silver tree bark,
1-1/2 x 1/2 inch
Bark multi gem cuff bracelet: Sterling silver tree bark
1/2" wide, gemstones: 2, 3, 5 mm Garnet, citrine, peridot.
Bark Multi Gem Ring: Sterling silver tree bark, citrine 3mm, peridot 2mm, garnet 2mm. Aprox 10mm wide, all sizes.


Sterling Silver twigs lined with 18k yellow gold. 10mm
wide and 6mm wide. 
Twig Diamond Ring:
14k white gold twig, diamond aprox. 1/2 ct
Metal and stone choices available
Sterling silver tree bark lined with 14k yellow gold.
10mm wide and 6mm wide.
Courtney's: Princess cut diamond 1/2 ct+ with side diamonds, 14k white gold tree bark
Multi twig with multi gemstone ring: 14k yellow gold twig, various size diamonds.
Metal and stone choices available
Caroline's Ring: 14k White gold twig, 14k yellow gold setting, found riverstone


Twig RiverstoneRing, wide. Sterling silver twig (10mm w), found riverstone(3/4"), various colors available. Twig Multi RiverstonPendant. Sterling silver twig (1/8"w), found riverstones (2"w total), 18"snake chain shown. Twig Multi Riverstone Cuff Bracelet. Sterling silver twig (1/4"w), found riverstones(3/4" w total)